The Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) was founded in 1998 by the Carlos III Institute of Health, dependent upon the Ministry of Health. The CNIO is managed through its foundation (Fundación Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas Carlos III), created at the same time as the actual Centre. Scientific activity though, is governed through the Centre, by the Director, alongside the Scientific Advisory Board.

The mission of the CNIO is to conduct research of excellence and to bring the very latest technology in the field of cancer to the Spanish National Health System. With both goals in mind, strategic objectives for the CNIO have been established:
- To carry out research driving towards the discovery of new and effective diagnostics for cancer patients.
- To bring scientific breakthrough to the clinic to ensure advancement is translated into a reality for patients within our National Health System.
- Transfer CNIO developed technology to innovative companies.
- To create a new and efficient management system, to break away from the traditional Spanish model.

The CNIO is one of the few European Cancer Centres to allocate resources to both basic and applied research in an integrated fashion, thus supporting the interaction of basic research programmes with those of molecular diagnostics and drug discovery. All our programmes benefit from excellent equipment, technology, and technical services.

CHEMORES participants:

Mariano Barbacid, Molecular Oncology Programme

Montserrat Sanchez Céspedes, Molecular Pathology Programme

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