European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer

Created in 1962, the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) is a non-profit international cancer research organisation under Belgian Law. The EORTC mission is to improve the standard of cancer treatment in Europe through the development of new drugs and to test more effective therapeutic strategies, using drugs which are already commercially available, surgery or radiotherapy. The EORTC has the aim to facilitate the passage of experimental discoveries into state-of-the-art treatment by keeping to a minimum the time lapse between the discovery of new anti-cancer agents and the implementation of their therapeutic benefit for patients with cancer. The EORTC research takes place in a network of over 300 participating institutions located in 32 countries. More than 2,000 clinicians are collaborating on a voluntary basis in 15 Disease/ Treatment Oriented Groups. More than 5,000 cancer patients are entered into EORTC multidisciplinary trials each year. The activities of the EORTC are peer reviewed by the US National Cancer Institute and the EORTC Drugs Master File is registered with the US Food and Drug Agency.

The EORTC Headquarters are a unique facility in Europe located in Brussels that provide scientific, legal, logistic and administrative support to EORTC clinical and translational research activities (protocol development, data management, statistical analysis, new drugs development, translational research, virtual biobanking, quality of life, regulatory and ethical affairs management, Pharmacovigilance and Quality Assurance). The EORTC has participated in more than 20 European Commission funded projects. The EORTC Headquarters staff is constituted by highly experienced and trained professionals. All EORTC protocols are written and conducted in accordance with international standards for ethics: the declaration of Helsinki, Good Clinical Practice guidelines approved by the International Conference on Harmonization.

CHEMORES participants:

Alexandre Passioukov, Translational Research Unit

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